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SeqOne S.A.S.
C/IRMB - Hopital St Eloi
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Jean-Marc Holder
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Next generation genomic analysis
for next generation healthcare
SeqOne platform

easy-to-use, browser-based solution designed to revolutionise the way you analyse genomic information

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SeqOne provides you with an integrated system that manages your genomics analysis process from raw data to final results.
ANALYSE LARGER, MORE COMPLEX FILES Analyse Gene-Panel, Exome, RNA-Seq and Whole Genome in one place
SHARE KNOWLEDGE TO ANALYSE BETTER Advanced community knowledge management and machine learning
IMPROVE YOUR PRODUCTIVITY Automate repetitive tasks to save time, minimise errors and reduce costs
MANAGE YOUR SENSITIVE DATA SECURELY Ensure traceability and security while simplifying access to relevant data
ENSURE GENOMIC ANALYSIS PROCESS QUALITY Built-in process quality control that gives you confidence in your analyses
The seqone platform

SeqOne is designed from the ground up to improve your efficiency and accuracy in analysing genomic information at scale.   Our platform automates many tasks that today cost you time and introduce the risk of errors.  You will find that you can perform more analyses and obtain more detailed insights from every analysis.

SeqOne is open.  We believe that the open-source community is the best way to provide cutting-edge bioinformatic pipelines with proven performance and robust, reliable behavior.  Our platform incorporates pipelines that have been benchmarked to ensure optimal performance.

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Oncology diseases
Hematologic diseases
Rare diseases
Genetic screenin
Hereditary diseases

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SeqOne’s mission: to make genomic medicine accessible to everyone
Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) has made obtaining detailed genomic information more affordable than ever.  Yet today, the challenge is to find ways to cost-effectively analyse all this raw genomic data while ensuring quality of the results.  SeqOne’s mission is to provide advanced genomic analysis tools that make it possible to analyse NGS data cost-effectively at scale and hence to ensure that the benefits of genomic medicine are available to everyone.

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Are you a guru in bioinformatics, molecular biology, machine learning or high-performance big data infrastructure? Do you want to change the way in which the healthcare industry meets its challenges?

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SeqOne is an open platform that lets users easily access and use the best genomics analysis software without needing advanced computer skills. If you have developed an open-source bioinformatic pipeline and are looking for a way to reach a larger user base, SeqOne can help.

The SeqOne bioinformatic developer programme provides the support and resources to help you make your pipeline easier to use and accessible to many more potential users.

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SeqOne, lauréate du concours i-Lab 2017 pour un projet visant à démocratiser l’analyse ADN au service de notre santé

Des avancées scientifiques récentes font de la médecine génomique un réel avantage dans le traitement de nombreuses maladies. Cependant le coût d’interprétation des données est aujourd’hui plus élevé que le séquençage en lui-même freinant la démocratisation de cette approche innovante.  “SeqOne vise à réduire ce coût mettant ainsi à portée de tous des tests génétiques […]

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