Take control of your DNA analysis

SeqOne provides an integrated solution to put you in control of all stages of your DNA analysis from managing the raw data to getting accurate, understandable answers to your biological question.


Use SeqOne Explore to reduce your dependence on bioinformatic support for routine tasks. Take advantage of preconfigured worksets designed by experts to provide ready-rouse solutions to your bioinformatic questions. Take advantage of visual tools to explore your data.


Use Seqone Platform to explore your genomic analyses and quickly identify information relevant to your research. The SeqOne team can advise you on how to structure your analysis to reach your goals and provide your team with a powerful way of integrating NGS analysis into your discovery and validation process.

How the SeqOne platform


SeqOne helps you to organise your data, it manages the meta-data that ensures traceability and accuracy of the final analysis and provides security and confidentiality thanks to a patented software architecture.

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SeqOne replaces pipelines with worksets consisting of a set of software tools calibrated to provide you the best answer to a specific biological question. For instance, you can search from a set of sequenced DNA... to find exonic mutations... in a patient suffering from a rare genetic disease.

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SeqOne helps you make better decisions based on the results of your bioinformatic analysis. The platform includes powerful tools to quickly identify the genes that are important to your analysis.

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SeqOne was created by a team of researchers in Bioinformatics working at the university of Montpellier in the south of France. The team has developed open source tools such as CRAC, designed to analyse RNA Seq NGS data. The SeqOne project was incubated with funds from the AxLR SATT, an entity focused on accelerating promising new technologies developed through public research. The team and its members have won prestigious awards including the ARC cancer research foundation prize, Pôle Rabelais prize, the national competition “i-LAB - for innovative technologies” (BPI-EMSR) StartUp and an award at the 2015 International Workshop on Biological Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining.

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